It’s been two days since my last post. Things are looking grim. I’ve been given strict orders by my 4yr old that I’m to remain in bed until she gets up. I’ve had to begin rationing the Oreos, both so they will last and I can eat some for sanity purposes.

One thing I’ve learned is that a schedule is essential to this homeschooling thing. If you haven’t already, I recommend purchasing a whiteboard (Staples is still open locally) and writing out the schedule for the day. Both my kids teachers do this at their school and so it gives them something familiar to hold onto.

Speaking of Staples, I realized yesterday they sell Toilet Paper and still had some in stock if you are really in need. Another good resource is Next Door. Our neighborhood has a group set up to help out the elderly and at risk in our neighborhood get the supplies they need. There is still humanity out there!

There is still hope. Yesterday we discovered our son, the 6yr old, has become quite the artist. I’ll post some of his work here shortly. The other ray of hope is Amazon now says our hand soap will be here 3 days earlier than expected!

Who knows how long this will last, but enjoy every second of it. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Quarantined with Kids Day 3

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